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Quick answers for busy teachers : solutions to 60 common challenges /

Show simple item record Breaux, Annette L. fr Whitaker, Todd. fr 2015-11-06T15:46:20Z 2015-11-06T15:46:20Z 2015. fr
dc.identifier.isbn 978-1-118-92062-6 fr
dc.identifier.other cdc033198 fr
dc.description Index. fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Machine generated contents note: About the Authors ix Preface xi How to Use This Book xiii PART ONE: CHALLENGES WITH STUDENTS 1 1. The Class Clown Is Not Humoring You 3 2. A Student Is Refusing to Do Work 7 3. Several Students Dislike You 11 4. You Embarrassed a Student in Front of His Peers 15 5. Students Who Don't Behave in Your Class Are Behaving for Another Teacher 19 6. You're Not Sure If a Behavior Consequence Was Appropriate 23 7. You're Unsure When to Refer a Student to the Office 27 8. A Student Is Disrespectful to You in Front of the Class 31 9. Some Students Are Afraid to Make Mistakes 35 10. A Student Is Sleeping in Your Class 39 11. You Lost Your Temper with Your Students 43 12. You Feel That Several of Your Students Are Lazy 47 13. You Ask a Student to Step Outside with You and He Refuses 51 14. Students Don't Bring Necessary Supplies to Your Class 55 15. Some Students Are Easier to Like than Others 59 16. A Student Is Prone to Angry Outbursts 63 17. It's Difficult to Stay Motivated When the Students Aren't Motivated 67 PART TWO: CHALLENGES WITH ADULTS 71 18. Some of Your Coworkers Are Negative 73 19. You Experience a Lack of Parental Interest 77 20. You Disagree with Your Administrator 81 21. You Want to Fit In with the Faculty 85 22. A Coworker Says Something Negative About You 89 23. Your Principal Gives You a Negative Evaluation 93 24. A Parent Will Not Return Your Call 97 25. You're Afraid to Speak Your Mind in a Faculty Meeting 101 PART THREE: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES 105 26. You're Struggling to Get Organized 107 27. Your Content Knowledge Is Solid, But Your Management Skills Are Lacking 111 28. Students Enter Your Class and Immediately Begin Talking 115 29. You Have a Chronic Talker in Your Class 119 30. Your Students Misbehaved with the Substitute Teacher 123 31. A Particular Student Is Pushing Your Buttons 127 32. Students Have a Problem with "Telling on Others" 131 33. A Student Brings an Issue from Outside into the Classroom 133 34. Classroom Discussions Go Off in a Different Direction 137 35. Your Classroom Needs a Makeover, But You're Just Not a Decorator 141 PART FOUR: INSTRUCTIONAL CHALLENGES 145 36. You Tend to Teach the Way You Were Taught 147 37. You're Overwhelmed by New Technology 151 38. Many Students Performed Poorly on a Test 155 39. You're Confused about Assigning Homework 159 40. You're Unsure How to Write a Good Test 163 41. You Teach Many Students at Many Different Levels 167 42. Your Students Don't Stay on Task for Long Periods of Time 171 43. Your Students Don't Participate in Class Discussions 175 44. You're Unsure about Rewarding Your Students 179 45. When Being Observed, You Call on Students Who Know the Answers 183 46. A Student Asks a Question and You Do Not Know the Answer 185 47. After the Test, Your Students Forget What You Have Taught 187 48. You Like a Quiet Classroom 191 49. You Question Whether You Should Have to Write Lesson Plans 195 50. You Need Creative Ideas 199 PART FIVE: PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGES 203 51. Another New Program Comes Along 205 52. The Person Awarded "Teacher of the Year" Does Not Deserve It 209 53. Your Professional Life Is Affecting Your Personal Life 213 54. Your Personal Life Is Affecting Your Teaching 217 55. You Don't Have Time for All the After-School Functions 221 56. Planning Period Has Become Griping Period 225 57. You're Asked to Take On All the Troubled Students 229 58. You're Afraid of Social Media 233 59. You Want to Be More Positive, But It's Difficult 237 60. You Can't Keep Up with Education's Buzzwords and Jargon 241 A Final Word 245 Index 247 . fr
dc.format.extent 252 pages ; 24 cm. fr
dc.format.medium Ressource physique fr
dc.language.iso eng fr
dc.publisher Jossey-Bass, fr
dc.subject Gestion de classe fr
dc.subject Relations enseignant-étudiants fr
dc.subject Relations de travail fr
dc.subject Pédagogie fr
dc.subject Pratique éducative fr
dc.title Quick answers for busy teachers : solutions to 60 common challenges / fr
dc.type Livre fr

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