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Decolonizing Philosophies of Education

Show simple item record Abdi, Ali A. 2019-05-10T14:23:54Z 2019-05-10T14:23:54Z 2012
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dc.description.abstract Philosophy of education basically deals with learning issues that attempt to explain or answer what we describe as the major questions of its domains, i.e., what education is needed, why such education, and how would societies undertake and achieve such learning possibilities. In different temporal and spatial intersections of people's lives, the design as well as the outcome of such learning program were almost entirely indigenously produced, but later, they became perforce responsive to externally imposed demands where, as far as the history and the actualities of colonized populations were concerned, a cluster of de-philosophizing and de-epistemologizing educational systems were imposed upon them. Such realities of colonial education were not conducive to inclusive social well-being, hence the need to ascertain and analyze new possibilities of decolonizing philosophies of education, which this edited volume selectively aims to achieve. The book should serve as a necessary entry point for a possible re-routing of contemporary learning systems that are mostly of de-culturing and de-historicizing genre. With that in mind, the recommendations contained in the 12 chapters should herald the potential of decolonizing philosophies of education as liberating learning and livelihood praxes. fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Chapter 1: Decolonizing Philosophies of Education: An Introduction ; Chapter 2: Discursive Epistemologies By, For and About the De-Colonizing Project ; Chapter 3: Decolonizing Social Justice Education: From Policy Knowledge to Citizenship Action ; Chapter 4: Nyerere’s Postcolonial Approach to Education ; Chapter 5: Tagore And Education: Gazing Beyond the Colonial Cage ; Chapter 6: Decolonizing Diaspora: Whose Traditional Land Are We On? ; Chapter 7: Forts, Colonial Frontier Logics, And Aboriginal-Canadian Relations: Imagining Decolonizing Educational Philosophies in Canadian Contexts ; Chapter 8: The Problem Of Fear Enhancing Inaccuracies Of Representation: Muslim Male Youths And Western Media ; Chapter 9: Clash Of Dominant Discourses And African Philosophies And Epistemologies Of Education: Anti-Colonial Analyses ; Chapter 10: Gender Equity in Africa’s Institutions of Tertiary Education: Beyond Access and Representation ; Chapter 11: Are We There Yet? Theorizing a Decolonizing Science Education for Development In Africa ; Chapter 12: Critical Curriculum Renewal In Africa: The Character Of School Mathematics In Uganda fr
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dc.title Decolonizing Philosophies of Education fr
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